Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is no April Fool's, we really ARE moving in 18 days...

Paperwork is signed, the house in Curtis Bay Maryland is ours to rent for the next year. I have 18 days and counting to get this entire home sorted and packed. I've spent the last three days packing up Jack's room and spending some not-so-lovely time in the E.R. due to a concussion. It's not the ideal Spring Break for Jack I'm sure, but his room is done. Whew.

The next hurdle is my Craft Room. Yikes! I've sold almost 50 sets of stamps, freecycled boxes of misc. craft item odds n' ends, and have packed 6 boxes in there so far. Yet, it doesn't look like I've touched it! A sure sign I'm a HOARDER of crafts. What is a girl to do?!

Makes me a little sad to leave this home. Even though I LOVE my house, I can't wait to get the heck outta Texas. Wish I could bring the house with me. It's perfect for all of us.

We've decided to go with ABF U-PAK this time for our move. When we moved here from California we (along w/ a ton of friends and family) packed a large 28 ft UHaul and we moved ourselves. It was horrible. This time, we have completely downsized and are going with the container system. We chose ABF 'cause they were cheaper by HALF than the famous one's you see advertised like P.O.D.'s or PackRat. We pack it, they ship it, leaving us to travel on the road together in our own vehicles with just the kiddos and a few selected items in the back. Love it.

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