Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Purple Petunias

Today, Ashlynn and I ventured outside (something I don't like to do here in Houston) 'cause it was a beautiful day. We turned on the backyard sprinklers to give the new grass something to drink and then we settled in by the patio to color the floor with chalk and to plant some flowers.

Lowe's has the cutest character themed garden tools available right now. To buy all the pieces, I'd have to opt out of eating for the week 'cause they're so expensive! I did however break down and bought her the Dora watering can, the matching pink rubber gardening gloves and a two piece tool set. With the flowers, I spent about $10.

She loved it so much she's wants to go to the store and buy more flowers to plant tomorrow. I urged her to wait 'til we've moved into our new home. She said, "Okay mom, but we have to plant a LOT of purple and pink flowers". Okay I said back smiling.

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