Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1st Valentine Exchange

Ashlynn just had her very first Valentine Exchange. I'm always on a hunt for something different/cute with a FREE or nearly free price tag. I found these lovely things at Stampin' Up! on their clearance rack for just $3.99 - for 30 of them! Then we filled them with candy watches from the dollar tree - oh and freebie coupons from McDonalds.
First we punched them all out, got Ashlynn's name on them and got them folded up - they came pre cut and scored!

Ashlynn stuffed them all - see, so easy a 3 year old can do 'em!

Added the sticker closures and D-O-N-E

My Ry-Ry turns 2!!!

Two weekends ago, was my youngest sons birthday party. We are officially entering the “terrible two’s” (I think the 3’s are worse…). After lots of searching for a place to have the party, we ultimately just decided to do it at home. We live in a tiny little townhouse so space was going to be an issue, or so I thought.

Everyone had a blast. I took great pleasure in making some cute little pieces of added fun to the party. Like:

We went with a Disney Cars theme as Ryan loves Lightning McQueen! I made this Happy Birthday Banner. It’s hard to see just how detailed it is but I love it. I used my cricut to cut the flags and the Route 66 shape. Then I folded and fanned the little pinwheels from scratch paper I had on hand, used my Sizzix Die Cut machine to cut out the letters and used some brads that looked like real screws to put it all together.

I made a Welcome to Radiator Springs sign for the front door – This was supposed to be on a steak in the grass originally but Mother Nature decided to rain.

For the food table, I printed another sign to hang above the table, “Flo’s CafĂ©”:

For the food, I created labels on the juice boxes that said “Dinoco Coolant”, the yogurt got “Dinoco Fuel” and the pretzels were “Dinoco Dipsticks”.

Lastly, I made some Pit Passes for the guests to wear. I found these great Lightning McQueen lanyards as I was walking through Party City and thought “oh my these would be SO cute” so here they are, of course I didn’t think to take a picture of the lanyard itself!:

The cake was great too, although I had NOTHING to do with it other than calling the order in!

It was crowded, and loud and a bit crazy at times which to us meant it was PERFECT. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, including the children. Here is a picture of our playroom after everyone left. OH MY!! Haha!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Change is good!

OKAY so it's been like MONTHS since my last post. I've been busy. Also, I hated where my blog was "going". Somehow I turned it into a very public diary of sorts. This was not my intention. SO from now on, it will ONLY be about the fun stuff. As I've said before, I love to craft... it changes constantly as I find myself falling in love with a new fabric I found, or a deal on paper I got, etc.

So, enjoy the change.