Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Ry-Ry turns 2!!!

Two weekends ago, was my youngest sons birthday party. We are officially entering the “terrible two’s” (I think the 3’s are worse…). After lots of searching for a place to have the party, we ultimately just decided to do it at home. We live in a tiny little townhouse so space was going to be an issue, or so I thought.

Everyone had a blast. I took great pleasure in making some cute little pieces of added fun to the party. Like:

We went with a Disney Cars theme as Ryan loves Lightning McQueen! I made this Happy Birthday Banner. It’s hard to see just how detailed it is but I love it. I used my cricut to cut the flags and the Route 66 shape. Then I folded and fanned the little pinwheels from scratch paper I had on hand, used my Sizzix Die Cut machine to cut out the letters and used some brads that looked like real screws to put it all together.

I made a Welcome to Radiator Springs sign for the front door – This was supposed to be on a steak in the grass originally but Mother Nature decided to rain.

For the food table, I printed another sign to hang above the table, “Flo’s Café”:

For the food, I created labels on the juice boxes that said “Dinoco Coolant”, the yogurt got “Dinoco Fuel” and the pretzels were “Dinoco Dipsticks”.

Lastly, I made some Pit Passes for the guests to wear. I found these great Lightning McQueen lanyards as I was walking through Party City and thought “oh my these would be SO cute” so here they are, of course I didn’t think to take a picture of the lanyard itself!:

The cake was great too, although I had NOTHING to do with it other than calling the order in!

It was crowded, and loud and a bit crazy at times which to us meant it was PERFECT. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, including the children. Here is a picture of our playroom after everyone left. OH MY!! Haha!


  1. I love everything you made, I wish I was that creative! Tara did you make the cake too?

  2. Where did you get dinoco labels from?