Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring "break"!

Jack is visiting from his dads this week, as it is his Spring Break from school. Unfortunately with us moving in just over 2 weeks, his dreams of spending each day by the pool or at some kind of amusement park isn't gonna happen. Instead, I opted for a cheap day outing nearby.

We started our day out by visiting the Easter Bunny at the Galleria. I was fearful that Ryan would be one of "those" babies that would cry in an attempt to leave him with the big scary fluffy bunny. I don't know why, because as soon as he saw the guy, he wanted NOTHING to do with me. He and Ashlynn both hugged him, and sat on his lap like great little children for mommy.

A friend of mine told me about the Chocolate Bar and a store called Candylicious down on West Alabama St. in Houston. I've been wanting to go but just hadn't been able to make it. These both are next door to each other so it was hard to decide which to go into first. The trip inside Candylicious took up way too much time as the kids loved checking out each and every kind of candy this place had to offer. I on the other hand couldn't wait to visit the chocolate bar.

Next we headed to the Children's Museum downtown. I have been told by many parents that the new addition to the museum is amazing and they have a great tot play area. They were not kidding. The place was amazing. We spent most of our day upstairs in the Tot Spot. Found out that Ryan REALLY loves playing with the soft blocks (Now on the top of my list for this Christmas!). He sat and built "stuff" for such a long time. He also loved the tunnel. Ashlynn was a hot mess just running around loving her freedom. She was in one spot one second and in another just a few seconds more... Luckily, Jack was with me and was able to keep a watchful eye on her too.

Downstairs, is the new Kidtropolis. It's a mini "city". They have a Veterinary Office, a Grocery Store, a Bank, a Hospital, a Police Station, City Hall, an Art Studio and a Restaurant. This place was CRAZY. It was too much for Ryan and he was much happier sitting in the stroller watching his sister. Ashlynn loved the grocery store but was grossed out by the plastic crabs! She filled her basket and then got to check out at the register like a "big person" as she said. Later she drove a police car and the ambulance, she tried her hand at voting at the City Hall and then tried to break into the bank vault.

What an amazing Day. As you can see, the little ones were EXHAUSTED. For those of you in the local area, know that this amazing museum holds a Family Fun Night on Thursdays and the admission is FREE. I believe the hours are from 5-8pm. Otherwise the museum is open from 9-6 daily and costs $8 each (over the age of 1).

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