Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Hiking Spree - Summit County Metro Parks

 I LOVE LOVE the Metro Park system here! Yes, I've mentioned this several times so I'm sure I sound like a broken record but it was a welcomed surprise upon moving here. I don't get out there as often as I like but we do go often. Every year the Summit County Metro Parks host an event called Fall Hiking Spree. It's basically promotes getting outdoors, quality time with nature, friends and family. They've been doing this since 1965! You can read more about it here.

First year county resident hikers earn a free ($10 for non-resident) walking stick and a badge upon completion of 8 trails from the list of 14 trails. The trails range between easy, moderate and strenuous. Each year, veteran hikers earn a new badge to add to their walking stick as a way to show off your accomplishments.

The family and I have have signed up and Ryan and I completed our first of 8 trails two days ago. My plan is to document via photos our trek on the trails when completed (I intended to do this during out Spring Spree too... took all the pictures, but never posted any!). You can follow along here as I will just continue to add pictures chronologically to the end of this post. So, check back often!

Trial #1
Cherry Lane/Fernwood located at the F.A. Sieberling Nature Realm, Rated a 1 (easy) = 1.1mi
You can see the trail map here.

This was our second time on this trail so I didn't re-take any photos that I already had but here's from the most current walk.
Ryan found several Rollie Pollies and had to try and catch 1!

Got one!

The side view of Echo Pond. We sat at a bench that had
one of those "In memory of" plaques on it. This is the view
from that bench. The girl named on the plaque was only 14
when she passed. Made me take a moment to reflect and be
grateful that all three of my beautiful children are healthy
and happy. I also thought that while sad, the benches placement
was perfect, at a beautiful serene spot.

Ryan checking out the fish in Echo Pond


Okay, for the record I'm deathly afraid of grasshoppers... probably more
so than I am of spiders (or snakes). I HATE that they can jump and you
really can't get away from them! haha Anyhow, Ryan spotted this one sitting
along our path and I took a picture (from a distance!)... this is the zoomed up cropped
version but I must point out... is he SMILING at me?! See... he was ready to pounce!!

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