Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Growth

BUSY. That's what we've been here... visitors of all kinds! This post originally went into draft mode back in June! As I mentioned in my last post, the kids and I sent off for one of those Butterfly Grow Kits from Insect Lore.

The day our first butterfly emerged, I called the kids in excitement to hurry into the livingroom to see-

Ash: What mom?!
Me: Look, our first butterfly!!
Ash: Oh {long pause} But I thought you were gonna tell us that we're going to Disneyworld.

However, after two emerged, they were much more engaged and even named them - Rapunzel, Lightning McQueen, Lila and Rocky. Below is a picture timeline for your enjoyment.

 The cycle of life was very cool for us to watch. I look forward the next set and we're thinking of getting the ladybug home that Insect Lore also has to offer on their website. 

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