Monday, April 30, 2012

We're baaaack!!

It's been almost 1 year since my last post. Wow.  I'm going to try and sum up the last year in 100 words or less:

This parade has packed up and moved again!

Last summer we moved to Kent Island. LOVED it there! DISLIKED commuting & disliked my dysfunctional employer. Seeing my kids only a few hours each day was awful. Those hours spent rushing, arguing and exhausted - only to do it over again the next day left us wondering "Is this really worth it?" The hubbs was still longing to have a cleaner house and home cooked dinners again (heehee). Happy wife, happy life right?

Fast forward: An opportunity to be transferred to Ohio came up. Yes, OHIO. So, we took it. The worst part for me? Leaving D.C.… the area I’ve dreamt of living for MANY MANY YEARS. The area that I feel at HOME. *Sigh*. Also, leaving good friends we had made during our time there and also taking the kids from the preschool they LOVED attending.

The best part for me now? I’m home with my kids again, I LOVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD and I can start creating again in my very own craft room. I think that is all a fair trade. Don’t you? Oh and the hubs, has gotten his dinners back (we’re working on the cleaner house part!).

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