Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We'll be leaving on a day that ends in "Y"....

At some point, you realize you have too much stuff. So you purge. You donate, you give away to friends/family, you sell etc. However, when you're packing a moving truck, you realize that all your months of purging somehow doubled your stuff?! WTH. There it is... sitting out staring at you saying "How are you going to put me in that truck?"

We were suppose to leave Monday. That turned into Tuesday which turned into Wednesday... you get the point. Now the truck is leaving sometime after 2pm tomorrow and we'll stay behind to clean our empty house and stay one last night to try and get a good amount of sleep. Afterall, we'll be next facing a 24 hour road trip with a 1 and a 2 year old. Yes, seriously.

We were alotted 19 ft on a 26ft trailer. Today we almost have filled up the truck to that allotted amount and yet we still have two beds, 10 or so more boxes and a bunch of misc. crap that doesn't fit into a box... and a garage still screaming for someone to come in and clean IT up as well. We've sold pretty much ALL our furniture.

Our new home will be equipped with 200 boxes, 2 toddlers, 1 dog and 2 very tired adults.

I'm crafty right? Wonder if I can make a couch and a table out of the boxes?? Ashlynn could color them with her crayons!

Night all.


  1. And just get to unpack it all when you get there. I swear, I think I still have a few boxes in a storage closet in the garage from our move here 4 1/2 years ago. I keep saying that I am going to get in there and get them, bet them I feak out when I see a! As for the "box" furniture, why not? My boys and nephews built a box town one summer in the back yard, they designed it, colored it and played in that box town until the rain destroyed it. Kids love boxes! I swear...this year I may just got to the 1/2 Box place and by my boys boxes in all sizes and wrap them up. It doesn't matter how old they get...they LOVE boxes. :)

    I sure am going to miss you, but I know that I will get to visit you in July.

    Many hugs and kisses! Drive safe and let me know when you get there.


  2. To me moving makes me feel like my stuff turns into gremlins. When water'd they multiply. In this case, when moved or packed, multiplied. lol
    I think the move co. ask how much stuff you have so they will know just how much to charge for when they know you have to go over. I can't wait to see and hear about the new place. You kids are ALMOST there. I know doesn't seem like it, but as far as me seeing you again (sniff) soon.

    I love you all and we'll miss you. Can't wait to come visit. Don't forget to pick up shot glasses or magnets or something from the random truck stops. I'm a sucker for truck stop :)


  3. Hang in there! You guys will be at the new house in no time! Keep us posted! And we'll make plans soon to see you guys when we come out to visit my family!!! Can't wait! Travel safe and enjoy the drive across country...oh and don't forget to breathe! Love you!