Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Last Texas Rodeo

Although last week was filled with a bunch of housing agony (we still don't have a home in MD yet), we did manage to break away from it a bit and have some fun. We got tickets to the Rodeo along with an offer of FREE babysitting from one of my daycare kids mommies as a going away present! How could we pass that up?!
David and I took the bus option to get there from a Park n' Ride. The Rodeo was fantastic, the concert was as well. The best part of all was that we were able to eat dinner uninterrupted together and enjoy each others company the whole evening. Thank you Maegan!!

Then this past Saturday, we decided to take the kids to the Livestock show/Carnival. Unfortunatley it rained so much there was no Carnival anything available.... Instead we stayed warm and dry inside learning about animals and enjoying some leisurely window shopping at all the booths. Ashlynn scored big time by walking away with a light up horse necklance and a PINK Cowgirl hat!

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  1. How fun!!!! Little peep peep looking at the peeps <3!!!