Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House or No House?

For those of you who are interested in knowing what is going on (Yes, you FOUR followers!) we still do NOT know. We were told we'd know by Monday. Then yesterday we were told we'd know "for sure" before the day was over.... and here it is Wednesday and we still don't know.

The funny thing is last night I had a dream that we didn't get it. The other family got it because their move date was sooner than ours which ultimately means more money in their owners pocket. So when I woke up today I sorta felt relieved. Strange, I know.

Last night in my insomnia induced state, I decided to check and see if there were any NEW listings in our 6 goal cities. Lately, there have been none. Last night however, I felt as though I struck gold! There was 1 new listing in MY ideal city AND it is less than a mile from the downtown area I'd love to take this year of renting to explore, it's a 1 block walk to a park in one direction and just two blocks from a big outdoor shopping center in the other direction! The negative is that this home is smaller than the one we're waiting to hear about and it's $100 over our "max" of what we can afford. Naturally.

I started thinking of all the things we could cut to afford $100 more monthly. We're already going to cut cable when we move to afford the other house! The cell phones??? Nah... we tried that once before. Ha! The internet? NO WAY!! How else would I keep you followers up to date on my boring life? :)

It's almost 10am in MD right now. Surely they should know today whether or not we're qualified?


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