Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We've implemented a Consequence Jar

Yesterday I posted on FB that in this house, we implemented a Consequence Jar. I got several private messages asking me what that was. I found several ideas by browsing Pinterest. I took tidbits from a few different blogs and put ours into place. Like many of you, the hubs and I differ on our parenting techniques but for the most part we agree that our kids can be outta control! We both loved this idea. Here's my completed jar:

The hubs and I sat down to discuss some of the consequences and came up with this list (an explanation will follow...):

We decided we'd give them one warning, then off to the jar they'd have to go! Picking the consequences was hard. We joked (honest) about some free child labor 'round the house, the many useful things small children could do... it was hilarious or maybe that was the wine? Anyhoo... here's our brief explanation:

Dust the Living room - Ry actually loves helping me dust - On HIS terms... so being MADE to do it will be awesome (for me). Ash doesn't like to help do anything "dirty" so this one will be great for me, her!

No Sleepover - This was the hardest for me because I know how much they adore this. Sleepovers in Ry's bedroom on the weekends are the best. Ash gets the top bunk, Ry gets the bottom, they have their flashlights and they talk and tell stories and sing and oh man... losing this would be awful for all of us. But, there had to be ONE harsh one, right?

Organize Books - Simple enough, we keep a two shelf bookshelf in the living room solely for kids books. It always looks like we recently had an earthquake over there. SO, they get to straighten that up!

Practice Writing Phone# - Why not? Improving their writing skills is a PLUS. Besides they should know their phone and best part is they'll hate it! I found this awesome site (yes, on Pinterest!) that allows you to type up any word or sentences up to like 16 characters (or so) and print it out! See it here.

Time Out - We over use timeout around here it feels like. So now if the stick calls for it, then so be it. We have a spot in the hallway & we use the age/min rule... 1 minute for every year old they are. Trust me, three minutes is looooong for my lil guy!

Sit Ups - This one made us laugh - a lot... my husband being an Ex Marine had MANY other choices for them but 5 sit ups was the negotiated consequence ( you're welcome kids!).  Why not make 'em do more exercising?!

Sweep Kitchen Floor - Ahhh child labor - that's why we had kids right? Oh hush, I'm kidding. This just seemed better than sticking them outside in the cold weather for now.

Go To Bed Early - Going to bed is always a tough part of our daily routine. Anyone who has to go to bed early misses out on bedtime story and gets to stew in their bed knowing their sibling is up, enjoying their story!

Practice Writing / Mom's Choice - Same explanation for the writing of their phone #. Here's a pic of what I have ready for the first one who pulls this stick!

**FREE PASS** - Who doesn't like a freebie? This gives them a shred of hope when reaching in for their consequence. ;)

And that's all there is to it folks!

Last night, one hour into implementing it they both had to pull a stick just before bed time. Right out the gate my daughter pulled the single hardest one in there... giving up sleep over night this weekend. She was in instant tears. I could post a pic but that would be mean... bwahhahaaa. No, really I didn't even take one because I knew this was a stinger. However, Ry pulled the Sweeping job and here he is - priceless!

Please, if you decided to do one for your family let me know.... I'd love to swap photos share ideas!

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