Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall, Farms & Friends -

Recently, I joined a great mother's group in the Akron OH area called Mother's Together. I was able to attend my first outing this week to the Bauman Apple Orchard in Wittman OH!! Just right up my ally right?! So, naturally I decided that here in this house, the theme of the week this week will be APPLES!

We started out on a hayride out to what felt like the middle of the orchard, each person got to pick an apple of their choice from a nearby tree. This provided great photo opportunities.  Here are a few pics I got of my little Ry:

Afterward we took our hayride back to the barns where they were hard at work pressing apples, making cider! We got to see that process, as well as how they bag the apples, where they store them (brrrrr!) and then off we went to the hay maze and petting zoo area:

Before getting there, I was under the impression we'd be picking bushels of apples (hahaha!!) which in the end I'm glad wasn't the case as I don't know how much picking would have gotten done chasing after two little ones. One apple was plenty for the memory and on the way out we visited their shop to "pick" out some apples :)  Knowing full well I wanted some apples for making applesauce and baking bread, I went straight for the "Seconds" to get them at a wee bit more than 50% off. One bag (a peck) cost approximately $8.25 depending on the variety you chose. By buying seconds, I got two pecks for just $8 even. Score!! Yes, yes I do look for a bargain even if at an orchard!

These are my Pecks! Aren't they beautiful?! (Snort!)

Check back tomorrow for recipes and feedback on what we made with these!

Side Note: If any of you are new to Akron, or looking to expand your friends list, please please visit the Mother's Together facebook page. Maybe you too can join us for a meeting or an outing!


  1. What a fabulous blog you have here Tara! It will make such a wonderful documention of your experiences and memories for your children. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Have a super day and enjoy the apples.
    Pamela Murray

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I enjoy doing it so it's nice to have more people read it! :)