Tuesday, May 11, 2010

14 Birthday Candles

Today, my oldest turns 14. Every parent asks themselves "where did the time go?" and they take the time to reflect on all the things their child has done thus far. Me, of course I'm doing that exact thing. I also dread this day. My baby, my first born... he's now just 4 years and counting from being an "adult". This truly snuck up on me. As I was telling a friend the other day, "I feel like it was me who was JUST telling my mom that I couldn't wait to be 18 to do what I wanted."

Each day he proves that no matter what I have tried to instill in him, he'll do it HIS way no matter what. He's handsome. He's challenging. He's Silly. He's so very smart. He's my son.

I want for him to know so much and make good choices. I want things for him that he has no idea what they even are... or cares to know yet. I have tried to raise him as differently as I could from the way I was raised. Will it work?

Today my dear son is your day. Enjoy. Happy Birthday sweetie and I love you.

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